Technical Specifications
Free Air Delivery (F.A.D): 320 LPM @ 100PSI
Cylinders: 2
Max PSI: 145
Motor Electric: 3.2 HP
Pump: N75
Pump RPM: 963
Power Supply: 15 AMP
AMPS Draw: 13
Tank Size: 55 L
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1050mm x 430mm x 770mm
Weight: 85 kg
Portable / Stationary: Portable
Regulator included: ET-250 Regulator

The P17 has become the largest selling model due to its performance of 320 litres of free air. This is the largest single phase model you can buy on a 15amp power supply. Again it is super quiet and efficient for the amount of air you receive. It will run die grinders, most common air sanders and ¾? impact guns. This unit is truly manufactured for the professional and is fitted with new Smart Start filter regulator to reduce start up amps draw therefore improving the performance. All the standard features of the P14 are incorporated in this model. Smart Start filter and regulator included.