The PHP15 is a 3.5HP two stage high pressure compressor capable of running at 175PSI. These machines are fantastic for tyre inflation i.e. truck tyres or applications where large volumes of air at high pressure is required. The advantages of a two stage compressor is that you do not lose volume of air at higher pressure. The air temperature is some 40% cooler than the standard type of air compressor therefore producing less condensation. These models come with all the standard features as the P17 and P14.


Technical Specifications

Free Air Delivery (F.A.D): 300 LPM @ 150PSI
Cylinders: 3
Max PSI: 175
Motor Electric:  3.5 HP
Pump: 2065T
Pump RPM: 1132
Power Supply: 15 AMP
AMPS Draw: 13
Tank Size: 55 L
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1060mm x 450mm x 750mm
Weight: 95kg
Portable / Stationary: Portable
Regulator included: EHP300 High Pressure Regulator