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Minsup Fittings

The primary purpose of Minsup claw couplings is to securely join two lengths of hose together. They are designed to be a universal component, enabling hoses of different brands and diameters to be joined together effectively. The fittings can be attached to a wide range of hoses. Claw couplings comprise a ‘male’ and a ‘female’ part. The parts lock together to create a durable seal. Depending on what the hose will be carrying, buyers need to purchase an A or B set of claw couplings.

Minsup Surelock claw couplings are designed to be a simple yet dependable coupling solution for most air and water pipe applications. They provide a secure, airtight connection.

In addition, Minsup also manufactures safety clamps that are designed to support A, B or Surelock couplings. These are intended to securely fasten a length of hose to a wall, floor or another suitable surface.

As well as the clamps and claws, Minsup also manufacture replacement seals and washers. These can be used as part of routine maintenance, or for repairs to ensure the continued integrity of the coupling. Note that a locking clip needs to be inserted before the Minsup claw coupling will function effectively.



Minsup fittings are widely used in the construction, mining, mineral extraction and agricultural industries as connectors for air and water pipes. They are designed for use in sub-prime, corrosive and challenging environments. Depending on the fitting used, they provide a dependable, robust and air-tight coupling that can be used to join hoses of differing diameters and materials.


Our Range Of Minsup Fittings

Minsup A claws are made from heavy-duty stainless steel. This material is resistant to water deterioration and can withstand extremes of temperature and temperature fluctuations. Note that steel will eventually corrode if exposed to seawater for protracted periods of time – we recommend brass connections for marine use, if appropriate.

Minsup B claws can be manufactured from brass, stainless steel or malleable iron. They are intended for use on hoses that transport air or water only.

As well as claws, clamps and bolts (with chains, for added security), we also stock spare washers and seals, as well as the locking clamps needed for the Minsup claws to function correctly.

Minsup fittings meet AS 2660 and AS 2554 standards.

High-quality, universal and reliable, Minsup fittings offer a versatile connection solution and can be used interchangeably, ensuring hose lengths can be connected quickly and securely.