Diesel Fuel Storage & Dispensing Kit – 400L

• 400L storage tank capacity
• Heavy duty, robustly constructed polyethylene tank
• Recessed pump improves overall tank strength
• Built in nozzle holster
• Lockable lid aids diesel fuel security and protects dispensing kit components
• 4-point security locking system
• Fully assembled dispensing kit ready for use
• Internal baffles aid tank stability
• 12V diesel fuel pump capable of flow rates of up to 68 L/min
• Antistatic fuel delivery hose
• 2 metre battery cables with clamps
• Automatic fuel nozzle
• Metering option available
• Dimensions: 1165mm (W) x 1165mm (D) x 566mm (H)

Also available:
L40040PAM as above but with an electronic fuel meter