Spitwater ’s portable industrial range provides a complete all in one cleaning solution in even the most remote locations where no electrical supply is available.
Engineered with safety and service in mind, the entire range features a fully enclosed heating compartment, built in emergency stop and battery isolation to meet Australian industry safety standards. All units are purposefully constructed to allow access to the pump and motor for easy serviceability.

Pump pressure: 3000 psi – 200 bar
Turbo pressure: 4200 psi – 280 bar
Flow: 21 l/min
Engine: Kubota d902ec 23.5 HP water-cooled diesel with electric key start
Pump speed: 1450 rpm
‘oz-tuff’ belt reduction system
Pump protection:
Cooling tank with full, 100 %, by pass
Low level water cut-off
12 volt fired coil combustion system
All steel construction
Zinc annealed & powder coated base & frame
Heavy duty steel base with fork lifting points
Single integrated fuel tank for engine and burner
Safety features:
Emergency stop
4-pole battery isolator
Battery box
Machine is completely enclosed
10 m high pressure hose
Gun and back stainless steel lance
Dual front stainless steel lance
Proudly Australian made