Red Hawk Road front

CP Red Hawk Road Petrol Powered Breaker

The Red Hawk Road is the true heavy hitter in CP’s Red Hawk range.
The unique design combines an ultra-compact 32 x 160mm shank.
With 60 J of power at the tool tip, delivering enough impact energy to handle
silica-rich rocks & reinforced concrete. 

It all adds up to the same power to weight ratio as many pneumatic and hydraulic breakers however this unit is not tied down to a power source or by hoses. Applications include breaking concrete & asphalt, footpaths, pothole repair, installing post signs/barriers and fences.

Red Hawk Road front

 Red Hawk Road 8318090021
Shank Size 32 x 160 mm
Weight 22.5 kg
Length 793 mm
 Impact Energy 60 J
Blow Frequency 1440 BPM
Power 2 kW
Fuel Capacity 1 L
Fuel Mix  2 %
Fuel Consumption 0.9 L/Hr
Alkylate Fuel Yes
Vibration Levels 3 Axis (ISO 28927-10 on dynoload) 7 m/s²
Sound Power Level (2000/14) 109 dB(A)