How To Identify The Correct Hydraulic Hose Fitting

Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hose fittings are important for machinery in a host of different industries, including construction and water and waste management. These fittings are used to connect hydraulic hoses to other equipment parts. They’re commonly made from plastic, brass, or stainless steel, depending on the industry and application. A range of fittings are available, and to ensure the machinery operates correctly and doesn’t become damaged it’s important to always select the right fitting.

If you’re not sure where to begin, read on for our guide to how to identify the correct hydraulic hose fitting.

1. Check the type of fitting

The first step is to check the type of hydraulic fitting you’re working with. It’ll either be crimped or reusable. It’s generally easy to tell the fitting type but newer equipment tends to have a crimped fitting. Reusable fittings are made up of a socket and nipple. Crimped fittings are permanently sealed using a crimping machine.

2. Find the right port connection

It’s essential that the port connection on the fitting matches the hose so that the equipment operates smoothly. If you know the type the hose connection you can easily check what the other part should be by searching online.

3. Identify the seal type

For a properly sealed and secure fitting, it’s important to identify the correct seal type. You’ll also need to note its size. Seals for hydraulic hoses are either o-rings, mated angles, or tapered threads. O-rings have the seal included. Mated angles use straight and parallel thread types with the male and female units forming the seal. Tapered threads have external threads on the male unit and internal threads on the female.

4. Determine the thread’s fitting design and size

Various types of threads are used for hydraulic fittings that each have different designs and sizes. You need to identify the thread type to choose the right hydraulic hose fitting. Some types are more commonplace in certain regions of the world whilst others are widely used internationally.

Enquire with Norosco

Once you’ve identified your hydraulic hose fitting you can order a replacement. Norosco are stockists of a wide range of hydraulic fittings and are also official distributors for Ryco. Plus we can manufacture hydraulic hose fittings to your specifications, making it easier to always find the replacement fitting you need. Enquire now for replacement hydraulic hose fittings or more guidance about identifying the right fitting.

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