Components of a Pneumatic System

A component of pneumatic system compressor

Pneumatic systems are a great advantage when moving a heavy load. They use compressed or pressured air to push, pull, lift, hold, or blend an object, and are ideal when speed rather than accuracy or high-precision work is a priority. Even though a pneumatic system’s fairly simple, it requires the proper set-up, use and maintenance of components and equipment in order to be effective.

Understanding the components of a pneumatic system and how they work can help prevent problems and ensure an effective solution if issues do arise. Read on to learn more about the main features of a pneumatic system.


What are the main components of a pneumatic system?

Compressor: A compressor is used to convert normal air into compressed air. It’s usually operated by a diesel engine and the pressurised air is stored between 700-1000 kPa.

Air reservoir: This is where the pressurised air is stored.

Valves: Valves ensure the air being released is at the correct pressure level for the equipment being used.

Actuator: This converts the energy stored in the air reservoir into kinetic energy. Actuators are usually moving parts.

Air regulator: This works to check the pressure of the air inside the compressor.

Accumulator: This provides supplementary storage for compressed air.

Feed line: A hose that moves air through the pressurised air through the system.

Lubricator: A lubricator delivers oil through the air line of a pneumatic system to keep its internal parts lubricated.

Circuit: Generally, pneumatic systems are made up of multiple valves, actuators, compressors and reservoirs, and their combination is referred to as a circuit. If all these parts are powered off a central compressor, circuits feature many interlinking parts combining at least several of each component.


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